Human Capital Initiative 

We are pleased to be selected as one of the three lead nonprofits for the Human Capital Initiative (HCI), in partnership with GatherVerse and Impact Innovation Foundation.The HCI is a prestigious global initiative uniting nonprofits to fund social impact startups and NGOs, offering them invaluable education and fellowship programs. 
Collaboration is at the core of this endeavor, recognizing that no single entity holds all the answers to societal challenges.

Xergy's Added Value:
Virtual Education & Startup Funding

Xergy uniquely contributes to HCI's mission. We provide virtual education programs and funding opportunities for startups, leveraging our extensive network in the European XR (Extended Reality) industry.

Our virtual education programs empower entrepreneurs with knowledge spanning immersive media, emerging technologies, ethics, accessibility, education and community building, equipping them to create meaningful change. Xergy also offers a platform for startups to apply for funding, prioritizing initiatives aligned with our impact areas: climate change, education, metaverse, technology, and youth. 
Our Funding Committee assesses scalability and financial viability to ensure lasting impact.

Together, we can empower startups and NGOs to create a better world by supporting innovative ideas, fostering collaboration, and providing essential resources and education.Join us in shaping a future where technology and humanity converge for positive change.